The Cultural Museum of African Art featuring The Eric Edwards Collection

African Culture and History Through Its Art and Artifacts

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The Cultural Museum of African Art is an experience created by African artifacts collector Eric Edwards, who has amassed one of the largest African art collections in the United States. In a journey of forty four years of carefully selecting these items, which date back to over four thousand years, he is now sharing this journey with the public in a museum setting of education and joy. The reason for creation of each artifact,  will be shared, whether for religious, spiritual, protective, secretive, power, beauty, educational, as well as for utilitarian purposes are presented in an historic undertaking. African culture and history is learned through its art.




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The Cultural Museum of African Art in Brooklyn, New York

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"This is your chance to support the creation of the Cultural Museum of African Art, its goal is to provide through the study of the art of Africa the history of the people of this great continent and their contributions to the world from the dawn of history. We believe that it will give young people an "anchor" in which to know that they are important and come from a proud past. It will give others more knowledge of Africa far beyond stereotypes, and provide the basis for all ethnicities, and races to join together to make this a better world, which is what we need today!", Eric Edwards.

Please donate whatever you can and pass this message to your friends, comrades, and family. With your help we hope to get the doors open in 2016. 

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